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History of CAMEO

Alison Vautier founded the CAMEO Pop in Centre in 1994

CAMEO was chartered in 2004.
Alison recruited volunteers to be hosts and  manage this venture for 25 years, until declining health prevented her from continuing. She recruited many volunteers over those years. Because of her continuing efforts CAMEO Is still very much part of the Waikanae Community.

Alison’s words “Everyone needs to have someone to talk to, to share their good news as well as their not so good news”

CAMEO has a an elected committee and about 33 volunteers who help provide a place of friendship and comfort to all who POP IN. 
 More recently a programme of events is being offered to anyone who wishes to participate to run alongside  the core business of the CAMEO Society.       

Mutual Respect

 CAMEO’s Objectives are:

To promote social contact, mutual helpfulness and recreation between persons within the Waikanae  District and their spouses and families. 

To provide a support base for residents and visitors to Waikanae.

To maintain a base that will enable the Society to       operate effectively and benefit the members.

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